Our Team & Services

Sebastian Schnabel

Director/Writer/Producer  Drops of Ice - IMDb

Born and raised in Germany. When he was 8 years old he started shooting his first films with his father's camera. Sebastian studied Film at the University of California, Los Angeles and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His recent short films have been shown and nominated in several film festivals worldwide.

Cici Yixuan Wu 

Production Designer/Producer  Drops of Ice - IMDb

Born and raised in China. She holds a bachelor degree in Architecture from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She was set decorator and prop-master on two feature films and the production designer on four short films. Additionally she has produced three short films with MindTwist Studio.

Mike Chryssomallis

Cinematographer/Colorist  Drops of Ice - IMDb

Born and raised in Minnesota. He studied filmmaking at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. As a child, he was artistically inclined, but it wasn’t until college when he found a passion for photography and storytelling. He has shot seven short films in his short time in college.


- Netflix-approved 4.6K camera

- 2 add. matching cameras




Art Direction

- Set Dressing/Construction, Wardrobe and Graphic Design


- Professional editing station with state-of-the-art software

Color Grading

- On industry-standard software DaVinci Resolve

Aerial Cinematography

- 4K DJI Drone

Score Composing

- In-house composer for scores and more 


- Storyboards and Concept Art

Location Scouting