Biography - Sebastian Schnabel

Sebastian Schnabel is a director and screenwriter, born in Helmstedt, Germany in 1991. When he was 8 years old he started shooting his first films with his father’s camera and his Lego toys. Since this young age, filmmaking has become his life passion and he focuses his whole life on pursuing this career. Sebastian was growing up with a lot of musical background, starting out with early musical education, 1 year of drum lessons and 10 years of keyboard and piano lessons. He cares a lot about the score of his films and is very involved in the process of its creation. Already during the pre production he has concrete ideas about the music and will let the composer write first mood pieces and themes.

During his time in high school he shot several short films, some of which won awards in small German festivals. After his graduation from high school he started directing a no-budget feature film called 'Innocent'. A lot of the film’s small crew and cast were like-minded friends. ‘Innocent’ deals with the effects of war on children. Sebastian often focuses on difficult and unusual subjects. He constantly tries to challenge himself and the viewer.

In 2012 Sebastian attended a Summer Session in Film courses at the University of California, Los Angeles. That is also where he fell in love with his partner, who was an international student from China. Their relationship had a big influence on him since then. Sebastian draws most inspiration from real life stories he has witnessed or caught up somewhere else. Therefore visiting China, becoming part of a Chinese family and moving to the US, have influenced his art to a great extent. Since Fall 2014 he is studying Film at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minnesota. Sebastian has founded a small production company called MindTwist. His recent short films have been in official selections in several film festivals worldwide, including the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. Sebastian Schnabel lives in Minneapolis, MN and is currently preparing for his senior thesis film, while finishing the post-production of another two short films.