'We are in this together' - Initiative

MindTwist Studio is offering fast turnaround video services to non-profit organizations, government organizations or initiatives that are educating the public, supporting communities, and helping people in need in the COVID-19 crisis.


As a small business, we need to make ends meet, so we’d greatly appreciate if you have some budget for the services. However, supporting the community with our skills is very important to us right now. Consider it a “pay what you can” concept and please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Our current services include, but are not limited to:

  • Editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Sound mixing/editing
  • Color correction/Color grading
  • Location B-roll
  • Self-interview setup consultation
  • Virtual interview
  • In-person interview (not preferred due to social distancing, but we will assess on a case-by-case basis)


Please understand that in light of the current circumstances we are working at a limited capacity.

We will need to know the following information in your initial email/message:

  • What does your organization do?
  • What do you hope this video can do?
  • What is the project timeline?


Fill-in the contact form or email cici@mindtwist-studio.com with the subject line filled out as “We are in this together”. Guaranteed response within 12 hours.


Please help us spread the word by sharing it with your community. Thank you!

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