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Sebastian Schnabel, Cici Yixuan Wu, immigrant business

MindTwist Studio is co-owned by the multicultural couple Sebastian Schnabel and Cici Yixuan Wu. Coming from Germany and China we each bring our own unique perspective to every project we pursue.


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Sebastian Schnabel, immigrant

Sebastian Schnabel


Drops of Ice - IMDb

Sebastian is an artist at heart. He has limitless ideas and when he's not writing or editing, he's definitely thinking about new stories. With 15+ years of editing experience, he creates emotion-driven content with our client's core values in mind.


Where did you grow up? 

A small rural town in Germany with a population of 15,704, with a big forest in walking distance.


Cici Yixuan Wu, asian-owned, woman of color, BIPOC, woman-owned, immigrant

Cici Yixuan Wu 


Drops of Ice - IMDb

Cici loves connecting with people. She makes sure our partners feel heard, projects run smoothly, and deadlines and budgets are met. She aims to put people at the center of every project and strives to convey messages that matter.


Where did you grow up? 

It’s a 10 million people city in China, with history dating back to Neolithic times.


Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, Twin Cities, California, San Francisco, Bay Area